sábado, 26 de dezembro de 2009

Sorry !!

I'm sorry i've been away this long time, but i was having so much things to do.... Bah.

So, i want to wish to everybody a merry x.mas ^ ^ ( a late one, sorry again ).

I hope you've had a lot of fun, wonderfull girfts and lots of love ;)

And because i can't send you any gift, i send to you all, love :)

Now, everybody are getting ready for the New Year 2010 ! =D

I really hope that 2010 is going to be more awsome (awsomer, if that word existed), and full of GOOD suprises and a lot of love, happiness and good luck for everyone.

So what do you all do before the new year comes ? 
How will you all pass this last few days ?
Would you make a wish list ?

I want to know ! Leave a comment response on the comment section below. (i know, RWJ quote).

Oh, and just one more thing, today is the birthday of one friend of  mine.

                       PARABÉNS JOÃO!!! :)

And that's all. Byee <'33''

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