sábado, 9 de janeiro de 2010

I'm back ! Again... (not an interesting post)

Hii <'333

So, i've been in Spain and it was great...
Best part: The last night of 2009, i was in a little farm, and i keep starring at the sky (omg, there were so many beautifull stars...) and thinking about how had been mine life so far, and wished that 2010 would be so better... But i quickly got inside because was soo cold !!!! And was starting to rain... so. 

But i'd absolutly loved the night, with the stars, the rain (yes, sometimes i really like rain) and the cold too.

(and a bit of champagne for me too ;D )

I started school this week and i'm so full of stuff to do already!! :(

Oh well. This year i'm having Super Important exams, and in the next month i'm going to have like a preparative exam, for the official exam... oh, something like.

So, wish me luck ? :)

I think something are already changed since i've got back home and started this year. Or am i just dreaming?

And yes, i made a list of wishes and i really hope they're going to come true :$

(especially nr 9 this past days i think is being realized bit by bit...)


Oh! I already getting ready some stuff for my trip to Paris @ omg... i can't believe yet that i'm going... and with one of my best friends !!! =D

Well, i'm going with two friends, but that one is very special :33

>I really want snow in Paris<

Well, since i passed all day studying, and stuff in my pijamas... now i'm going to take a good shower and go for a ride somewhere... and yes, it's very cold outside... But i don't mind.

Byee <33

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